Artist: Spectromanski

Title: Synthetic Pulse

Label: Journees Music USA

Catalog #: JOU533

UPC: 197190760002

Release Date: 30 Jan 2024

Genre: Progressive House


"Synthetic Pulse" stands as a groundbreaking compilation comprising 11 tracks seamlessly blending techno, electro, and house music. This album signifies the apex of Spectromanski's artistic evolution, showcasing his mastery in production and his adeptness at traversing diverse electronic genres. Distributed by Journees Music, the album is poised to make waves globally, introducing Spectromanski's distinctive sonic identity to a broader audience.

As "Synthetic Pulse" takes center stage, Spectromanski beckons listeners on an immersive journey through pulsating beats, hypnotic rhythms, and innovative soundscapes. Each track serves as a testament to his two decades of unwavering dedication to the craft, and the album stands as a sonic manifesto for the future of Macedonian techno.



01 The Music Reader

02 Criminal Mind

03 Deep Feet

04 Daybreak

05 Il Volo Della Sirena

06 Faded Memories

07 Pulse of the Deep Air

08 Cybernetic Sky

09 Dominus Circus

10 Blister

11 Snow White Waltz