Daniel Blazeski, under the moniker Spectromanski, emerges as a techno luminary hailing from the heart of Kicevo, Macedonia. With an impressive 20-year odyssey in music production, his beats have resonated within the confines of local clubs and festivals, leaving an indelible imprint on the Macedonian techno landscape.

Commencing his musical expedition in the dynamic underground scene of Kicevo, Spectromanski swiftly became a fixture, gracing the stages of numerous clubs and festivals, including the illustrious Kale Fest and Shift Festival. His electrifying performances enraptured audiences, laying the groundwork for a prolific career.

In the early chapters of his musical narrative, Spectromanski contributed to past editions of Journees Music with releases like "Blister" and "Faded Memories." These tracks served as a precursor to his latest opus, the album "Synthetic Pulse."