Album Artist: Bryan Deleon

Title: The Best of Black Magic Records

Label: Black Magic Records / Journees Music

Catalog #: JOU518

Genres: Breakbeat, Breaks, Techno, Electronic

Release Date: 30 Oct 2012


Attention all freaks... this compilation is a full-length collection of best of Black Magic Records, carefully selected by the South's Bryan Deleon.Black Magic was founded in New Orleans by Frank Carlino, Jr and Michael Scott, also known as Dj Voodoo and The Liquid Method.  The tracks are party monsters driven primarily by breakbeats and acidic undertones. The label's gritty EDM is a reflection of the city itself. This is the best of Southern EDM. This is the Best of Black Magic Records.

Set for release on Devil's night aka Hell Night 2012...



## Original Artist - Title // Original Catalog # 

01 Akuma & DJ Lost Boy - Noir // BMJ 004

02 Bahamut - Bumpin the Night 96 (Planet E) // BMJ-007

03 Liquid Method - Method's Revenge // BMJ-003

04 Joe V & Cyrus - Dobrag // BMJ-008

05 DJ Voodoo & Liquid Method - EBTIH (DJ Sandy Mix) // BMJ-002

06 Bahamut - Subhuman Rayce (Deep Mix) // BMJ-001

07 Coitus - Into the Unknown (The DMT ep) // BMJ-006

08 Joe V & Cyrus - Ondinnock // BMJ-008

09 Cathedral - Ensemble for the MidEvil (Dj Donovan Remix) // BMJ-009

10 DJ Donovan - Passion (Freon ep) // BMJ-005

11 Bahamut - Dark Matter* 


*Bonus album track