From an early age, New Orleans native Frank Carlino, Jr (aka Dj Voodoo), has played his signature breakbeat and electro sound at local NOLA establishments as well as high visibility events across the country. 

DJ Voodoo’s roots as an electronic music artist may have been established at an early age, but it wasn’t until running a record store in the greater New Orleans area was his true calling emerged through the founding of ‘Black Magic Records’, by both Frank Carlino and Michael Scott Baldenhofer (aka The Liquid Method). Together their sound reached global status with their 1995 breakout hit “Everybody Thinks I’m High and I Am” on Black Magic Records. 

Since its release DJ Voodoo has remained an artist in demand, and playing events throughout the country. DJ Voodoo has released multiple hits and mixed compilations on several labs and featured across all popular music download and streaming platforms globally. 2022 looks to be bright indeed with DJ Voodoo releasing brand new mixes featuring top artists, including a remix of “Everybody Thinks I’m High and I Am”, available on Black Magic Records, now an integral part of the California-based Journees Music family.