Remix/ White Label Group/ Fierce Records

San Francisco/ Silicon Valley

Pumpy, techy house. Main floor - peak time

Journees Music, Remix Clothing- (SF/ Silicon Valley

Over the past 15 years DJ Liquid has developed an extraordinarily successful career behind the decks, in the studio and in the office. This Silicon Valley native has consistently risen to one of the Left Coast's most in-demand and respected talents. Eric rocks his signature mash up pumpy house with techno and funk, consistently elevating a party's energy to new heights. The outcome translates into energy exploding through the stacks and saturating the dancefloor. His diversity of mixing multiple genres has helped propel him to continuously unleash profound musical sensations, driving rhythms and fierce melodies which keeps his fans pumpin' their fists for more.

Dancefloor devastation would be enough to satisfy if not overwhelm most but for this road warrior this was simply warming up. Dj Liquid founded the infamous Journees Music record label and its sublabels; Fierce Records, White Label Group and Shotcallers. Currently Eric is stepping up the hustle unleashing the popular online community and the new online store, But of course, one has to keep it proper so Eric stays busy racking up frequent flyer miles around the globe. If the past successes are an indicator of what's ahead the future is certainly bright for this star and the world around him.


Dj Liquid presends Subculture - Best of Journees Music Vol 1 (2006)

Remix Project Vol 2 (2003)

ElectroAcidFunk vol 4

Soundtrack (Bandai)

The Remix Project


ElectroAcidFunk 2




Lithium Dreams (Starchild)

Scud soundtrack (Sega)


CD Releases

Rob-E & Security - Low Freak [ Back to Cali remix w/ Madame Mercury - Journees Music (JOU016) - March 2003 ]

Echosphere - Pulse [ Dj Liquid remix - DBI Music - March 2003 ]

Dj Liquid - Serpents Kiss [ Jim Hopkins remixes - Journees Music (JOU008 - 1999 ]

Subculture - Sugar High [ DefCon6 and Dj Rob-E remixes - Journees Music (LQD006 - 1999 ]

Dj Liquid - Breakdown [ Echosphere and Bahamut remixes - Journees Music (LQD005) - 1999 ]

Dj Liquid - The Blue Spotted Frog [ remixes by Will Web & Aaron Peacock - Journees Music (LQD004) - 1999 ]

Subculture - The Missle Mixes [ remixes by Beatseed & Hak - Journees Music (LQD003) - 1998 ]

Dj Liquid - San Francisco Rush EP [ Journees Music (LQD002) - 1998 ]

Dj Liquid - The P.C. EP [ remix by Aaron Peacock - Journees Music (LQD001) - 1998

Yakuza - Enlightened [2006]

Dj Liquid featuring Natalie Love - Freedom [2005]