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New Orleans

Breakbeat, techno

Is it possible to O.D. from too much work in the dance music industry? Owning several music businesses since 1994, traveling to DJ at various events, writing and reviewing for various music magazines, doing remix work for other artists, becoming Music Director for an Internet radio station and still finding time to write and release his own music, Michael Scott still cant find enough to do with his time.

Traveling to DJ for over eight years is one of Michael Scott's proudest achievements. He has played main stage next to big name DJs and producers like Micro, Bad Boy Bill, Felix Da Housecat, Crystal Method & Rabbit In The Moon among many others. He has also had the privilege of having his own music remixed by producers like Simply Jeff, Dub Pistols, Bassbin Twins & DJ Hardware.

Michael Scott began DJing and writing music in 1984 at the age of 14. Break-dancing,
Hip Hop, Electro and the film "Beat Street" were his first sources of inspiration.

At the age of 18 he released his first record locally, which became a classic to the New Orleans scene. To this day, nightclubs in New Orleans still play his first release
--Mental Image - "Halloween."

In 1992, Michael did his first national release for Felix the Cat Comix, called "I'm Felix, Now Hear This!" under the moniker Factor-E. It is still sold and distributed by Radikal Records / Zazoo.

In 1995, determined to continue a career in music, he started his own label with long time friend DJ Voodoo. With Michael's first release done and ready to go, DJ Voodoo funded the label and "Everybody Thinks I'm High... and I am!" was a great success. It got noticed in the US and the UK. It was being played at parties and clubs by DJ's as well known as The Chemical Brothers. Moreover, The Chemical Bros. were charting this single in all the hottest UK Dance music magazines. Of course, the impact of this record far surpassed Michael's expectations.

With continued success, he released more singles on his own and for record labels like ESP/SUN - Roadrunner, Street Beat / Pandisc Records, City of Angels (The Crystal Method's label) & Astralwerks / Virgin (home of The Chemical Bros., Fatboy Slim & Daft Punk).

Another of Michael's projects --The Witch Doctor "Crack Attack" again continued his successful streak, this time getting heavy play by Fatboy Slim, praise from The Crystal Method, and a stunning write up in Billboard Magazine, among many other publications.

After the hype of Crack Attack, Astralwerks / Virgin took notice to his work and signed the song "Hallucination Generation" under his new alias, Hexx. The creators of the hit TV show Roswell discovered the song and featured it in the first show for the series.

Resident DJ = Renaissance / Alienz
Speed Magazine = Music & Product Editor
Freelance Writer/Reviewer = BPM &
Music Director =
The Electronica Channel