Affiliations: Mad Wax, StreetBeat, Journees Music, Remix
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Genre: Breaks
Madame Mercury, a San Francisco native, has always loved music. She began djing in 1996 when she got her first pieces of vinyl and set of decks. After that, it all just took a path of its own, producing numerous singles, remixes and 3 mixed albums for various established indie record labels including Journees Music, Miami’s StreetBeat Records and her own indie Mad Wax label, all of it taking her across the U.S., to Canada, Europe, and Asia and giving her an appearance alongside California’s well known fellow artists Simply Jeff and Davey Dave of Uberzone in Tascam's international ad campaign for their X-9 mixer. She also held down a residency with San Francisco’s beloved Spundae with her 5 Star Funk monthly at 1015 Folsom and always stayed true to her beloved hometown of San Francisco investing much of her love of the music locally by producing numerous events that nurtured the scene there.

Her sound brings that West Coast funky flavor to the classic beats, breaks, bass and samples of funky breaks and banging electro slamming them into a high energy hip hop meets house infused set guaranteed to make just about anyone want to move their body.

She has always been an artist who truly showed her deep passion for the music in all that she has done...